How I Dealed with Erectile Dysfunction

I have never thought that I will share my own “man’s” piece about bad performance, lost sexual drive and libido. As long as I was young, the subject of bad potency seemed to be something vague and indefinable that arouses typically when men age. You can’t even think how shocked I was when I couldn’t make it once, twice and continued failing like that quite long? I’m only 40 years old, but the fact I have got this condition makes me feel really old, to cut a long story short.

My sexual partner has been caring at first, but then I felt that my lack of ability to reach and sustain erections began worrying her even more than me, and that’s where I started being disturbed a lot. Everyday hassle in the office and occasionally at home, alcohol with friends on Friday nights, lots of smoking, lack of sleep and lots of fatty foods and chips gobbled by me during my whole life have unexpectedly turned out to be a enormous disorder I had to cope soon.

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